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How To Plant Your Tree
Giving your trees the right attention from day is essential for long & productive life. This means taking the time & care to plant your tree properly.
While the system of planting different types of trees may differ in the details, all trees finally finish up in a hole, but not any elderly hole will do.
The most common mistake when planting a tree is to dig a hole which is both deep & small. deep & the roots don't have access to sufficient oxygen to be positive proper growth. small & the root structure cannot expand sufficiently to feed & anchor the tree.
As a general rule, trees ought to be transplanted no deeper than the soil in which they were originally grown, while the width of the hole ought to be at least thrice the diameter of the root ball or container .
Tree stakes are essential for the first few years on most trees. Position the stake before planting, using a short stake to permit the tree to generate strength in the stem early on in life. Use a pleasant quality ,wide rubber tree tie - baler twine will NOT DO. The use of a mulch is beneficial - either compost, or a tree mat- biodegradable jute works well, preserving moisture & acting as a weed suppressant.