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How often to water
Unfortunately there is no simple formula for determining how often your trees will need to be watered. as our personal water requirements vary dramatically depending on our physical condition, size, surroundings, and the weather, so will your trees. Fortunately, they can offer advice about how to interpret your tree's watering needs. Signs that a tree needs water are: wilting, followed by browning off or 'crispy' leaves and leaf drop in extreme cases. Signs that a tree has been watered much include yellowing leaves, rapid leaf drop, poor growth, and spotting of the leaves. However, this can vary depending on the type of tree, so it is best to dig a tiny check hole 18" down to see how damp or dry the soil is.
Underwatering is simpler to correct than overwatering if caught quickly, so frequent monitoring is important. Newly planted trees may need to be checked every couple of days in hot weather, and must be watered immediately at the first sign of stress. With excellent care and excellent growth in the first growing season, you may not need to water more youthful trees much if at all in the second, unless they have a extended period of drought. Trees with girth sizes in excess of 20cm will probably still need supplemental watering in the second season, but less often than the first. In both cases, do keep in mind to keep an eye on your trees for any signs of dryness or stress for the first growing seasons after planting and if a extreme drought in the third season.