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Feeding Your Tree
If they have planted your trees , they won't need fertilising in the first or growing seasons, as slow-release fertiliser tablets that last 14 months will have been added to the soil at time of planting. Thereafter, provided they have been planted in a lovely quality soil, most trees will enjoy lovely health & make satisfactory growth without the necessity to fertilise. This is not to say that a healthy tree would not enjoy an annual top-dress of fertiliser if it was offered, a lovely autumn feed with high potassium! Top-dress slow-release fertilisers formulated specifically for trees & shrubs are simple to apply & obtainable from most garden centres. Be positive to follow instructions carefully.
A final note on fertilisers: it is important to be aware that plenty of lawn fertilisers contain weed & feed formulations that may be harmful to your trees. The same systemic herbicide that kills broadleaf weeds in your lawn is picked up by tree roots & may harm or kill your broadleaf trees if applied incorrectly. Understanding the actual size & extent of a tree's root process, before you fertilise, is necessary to select how much, what type, & where to best apply fertiliser.