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About Us
LUSH GREEN NURSERY the name itself explains the fact of creating a greener environment. Shri Anil L. Chaurasia the pioneer of the venture is a person having a great passion and desire for creating a better and greener tomorrow.
It all started since his childhood while living at Bombay in a very humble home of 300 sq ft and inspite of that fulfilling his passion of planting plants at home. Thereafter, he migrated to Ahmedabad in the year 1985 and purchased a 3.5 acre of N.A land in 1993 at Manipur village in Ahmedabad. And further developed the barren land into a lush green horticulture area with the help of Shri Ravi Naidu and brothers by planting fruit and flower bearing trees. Now, having turned a barren land into an oxygen giving zone of the area, Shri Anil L. Chaurasia has a vision of creating a greener environment for the future generation so for the very purpose he has joined hands with Shri Murli Naidu the second generation of Naidu family and has established LUSH GREEN NURSERY.
Some of our successfully completed private projects all around Gujarat are Adani, Godrej city, Balaji, and government projects such as Gandhi temple and various other such projects. And currently projects such as Narayan sky at sanand, greenz, and Aamani SIR at Dholera the dream project of the Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi are in progress.
Thus, LUSH GREEN NURSERY is all about the passion with a vision of creating a greener, fresher, blossoming, sweeter tomorrow.